Long Island Porsche Driving

Long Island has some amazing roads that when you throw the top down and feel the tires gripping the street, it takes you to a different state of mind


Driving the Porsche: The best roads on Long Island

While driving my Porsche on any road is pure joy, there is nothing quite like taking it out on scenic roads on Long Island. With the targa top out, these winding tree-lined roads are a driver’s dream come true.

One of my favorites is Sweet Hollow Road in the West Hills area.  This street runs north and south through the island. This is a road that does not encourage speeding, because it is loaded with curves.

Along with its unique story of being haunted, the road meanders through the West Hills County Park, which is rather lovely. Driving through the park gives me an opportunity to get lost in my music and enjoy the feel of the tires gripping the road.

This road isn’t very close to my neighborhood.  I could take the Long Island Express, but it’s more enjoyable to drive the Porsche on the backroads and see the sites along the way. While I’m out there, I also love driving on Hartman Hill Road, too.

Another favorite for me is Sunrise Highway, which runs along the southside of Long Island. Highway 27 may not be the fastest route on Long Island, but the scenery of the Atlantic to the south is divine.

However, since my home is on the northern side of the island, I do not get to the southern side very often. So, this drive is extremely special for me. When I really need to get away, I jump in the Porsche and follow the roads out to Montauk.

I also love Whiskey Road on the way to Patchogue-Mt. Sinai road. I access Whiskey Road off of William Ford Parkway.

This stretch moves through Rocky Point Pine Barren Park, which is another beautiful spot on Long Island. While Whiskey Road is a bit too curvy to air out the Porsche, I have been able to do it on Patchogue-Mt. Sinai.

There are so many beautiful spots on Long Island to drive the Porsche. It makes me proud to live in such a gorgeous place where fine automobiles can be used as they should be.


Author: howardwool

I started two chemical companies. My first one was Shari Chemical. I had to shut it's doors and rethink what went wrong. After reworking my business plan, in 2005, I started Environmental Safety Inc. This company is successful because I learned from failure.

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