Driving around Long Island’s winding scenic roads

One of My Favorite Ways to Unwind Is Windy Roads

Driving my Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet along all the winding tree-lined scenic roads on Long Island is exhilarating. When I need downtime from running my business in my hometown of Baiting Hollow, I find that taking a ride in my convertible with its powerful engine is the best way to unwind.

Try the Road To Sweet Hollow Road

One of my favorite roads is Sweet Hollow Road. I could take the Long Island Expressway to reach this road, but I would rather travel along back roads and enjoy the sites. I can’t speed on this road because it is narrow and winding with plenty of curves. This road is located within the West Hills County Park on the north shore. The fact that it meanders through the park gives me a chance to enjoy the scenery, my music and the way the tires grip the road.


Sweet Hollow Road and its neighboring road, Mount Misery Road, are located less than 40 miles east of Manhattan and run almost parallel. Both of these roads have a haunted history, and many terror-filled tales are told about what has happened to them. Many stories are told about Mary who met a tragic end in the road and whose spirit still wanders there.

Braving The Twists and Turns

These tales of horror do not deter me in the least as I wind along the roads listening to my favorite music. One of my favorite songs to listen to on these roads is ‘Radar Love’ by Golden Earring. It has a great beat and lyrics. The album I enjoy most when driving is ‘Rubber Soul’ with its songs like ‘Drive My Car,’ ‘Michelle’ and ‘Norwegian Wood.’ I like to sing along as a drive. I have a Hammond B3 rock organ at home, and I enjoy pounding out chords and rocking to the Beatles and other rock bands from the 60s and 70s.

I love living in Baiting Hollow and run my business there. I could not imagine living anywhere else on the island.   There is great food and Long Island is wine country too! You can see me driving around Baiting Hollow in my Porsche with my grandkids. I have five grandkids, and my Porsche only has two seats so I might just spend all day driving them around town one at a time!


Author: howardwool

I started two chemical companies. My first one was Shari Chemical. I had to shut it's doors and rethink what went wrong. After reworking my business plan, in 2005, I started Environmental Safety Inc. This company is successful because I learned from failure.

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