Golfers are drawn to Baiting Hollow Club

Where to play when the weather warms

I enjoy sports and only recently gave up my weekly bowling and softball.  Golfing is one of the sports that draws members from North Fork and all over the Hamptons to Baiting Hollow.


The Baiting Hollow Club is privately owned. The golf course was originally designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior, a golf course architect. He designed golf courses all over the world, including about 500 in the United States.

Members join for the relaxed atmosphere and lack of pretentiousness as well as the great golf. The club offers several categories for membership – weekday or full day as well as families and business options.

Amazing Facilities

The luxurious 25,000 square foot clubhouse was opened in the summer of 2009. It has an air of casual luxury with traditional rich woods in the locker rooms and fireplaces in the dining and grill room. This clubhouse was built to be noticed and give the club an identity, but care was taken not to obscure the golf course.


The golf course had been modified several times over the years. The club owners have brought it back to what Robert Trent Jones envisaged in the 1960s when he designed it.  Some approach angles have been changed, and fairways tightened, holes lengthened and rerouting done.

History and Entertainment

The club has quite a history and has been through some changes over the years. Originally it was the local townspeople who bought the land to build the golf course. It consisted of about 100 acres of farmland and included some Long Island Sound Frontage. In the years when golf was not so popular, the club was sold, and one of the changes that took place was the building of condominiums that overlooked the Long Island Sound.


On Friday and Saturday nights people can enjoy dinner specials and live music at Baiting Hollow Club. Social events are also held throughout the year. Some of the events that were enjoyed last year included a Kentucky Derby Party, a country night, a clambake and an Oktoberfest weekend.


At the Baiting Hollow Club is a Performance Training center equipped with an elliptical machine, a treadmill as well as dumbbells, floor equipment, and various medicine-balls.


Author: howardwool

I started two chemical companies. My first one was Shari Chemical. I had to shut it's doors and rethink what went wrong. After reworking my business plan, in 2005, I started Environmental Safety Inc. This company is successful because I learned from failure.

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